Hi, we’re Anna and Gavin and welcome to our recipe website, which contains details of dishes we love to cook for ourselves and our friends. We have prepared all of the recipes on the site many times in normal, and indeed sub-normal, kitchens, so we know they work. The original idea was to gather the recipes together in one place, so that we wouldn’t be rooting around for books and scraps of paper in order to cook the dinner. Initially, this was meant to be a private website but as it grew we decided to share it. We’ll still entering recipes in the new format but hope to have a good representation shortly.

Some of the recipes are accompanied by photos. Food photography is notorously difficult and we are not experts in the art. The purchase of a new camera has helped to avoid unnecessary use of the flash and improved overall balance. However, in any case, we can assure you that any pictures, or eatographs as Anna calls them, that appear are of the food in the prepared state, just before we devoured it!

Obviously these recipes have come from and been inspired by many sources: some we developed ourselves. We have tried to credit the original source where we know it. If you feel we have not given due credit for a particular dish, thenĀ Contact Us  (webmasteratencyclofeediadotcom)   and we’ll rectify the problem. On the flip side, we will be flattered if you want to copy recipes to your own site or documents, but would ask for the courtesy of a credit and link back to this site.

Some notes on measurements etc can be found here.

You can browse the recipes by category or date. We have included a search capability to find recipes. This is particularly convenient if you want a recipe around a particular ingredient. Our resources are limited, so the look-and-feel has not been tested with every possible combination of browser and operating system, but we have tested the major ones (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Safari). Don’t hesitate to let us know if the pages don’t display properly on your system.

You can read our privacy policy here.

So nothing else remains but to wish you happy eating.

Contact Us  (webmasteratencyclofeediadotcom)  

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