Coriander Pork

Coriander Pork

I just love the earthy flavour of coriander seeds. Apparently coriander leaves are the world’s must used herb. This recipe combines both in a Stroganoff-type dish. For any North Americans, coriander goes by the name of cilantro.

This dish is really easy to make and with pork filet being such good value, it is not expensive either, especially compared to Beef Stroganoff with its beef filet. Nevertheless, it has an at-least equally sophisticated taste and, with the cream, is rich and filling. If only all such nice dishes were so easy to make.


Makes: 4 portions
Preparation: 15mins
Cooking: 15mins


1 tbsp
Pork filet (about 700g)
Coriander seeds
Coriander leaves (roughly chopped)
Butter (plus splash of oil) 

Large frying pan


Put the coriander seeds into a dry pan over a low heat. Slice the pork filet into slices about as thick as a pencil, then season with salt and pepper. When the coriander starts to give off a little aroma, remove from heat to a mortar. Grind with a pestle until all the seeds have been ground but a little texture is still left. You can use coriander powder if you want but you will lose some flavour, aroma and texture.

Place the pan over a medium high heat. When hot, add a good knob of butter and a little oil to stop burning. Add the pork in one layer. Wait until starting to brown, then turn over. Repeat until all meat is sealed. Keep the meat in a warmed dish.

Wipe out the pan and return to the heat. Add another knob of butter. When this starts to foam, add the cream. Increase the heat until the cream starts to bubble. Reduce the heat a little and keep stirring. Do this until a lot of the water from the cream has evaporated. You can recognise this by the cream becoming much thicker and more yellow in colour. Don’t go as far as letting the cream separate. Add the ground coriander and stir in. Return the pork and any juices to the pan and warm through. Adjust the seasoning if necessary. Garnish with chopped coriander leaves.

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