On a Wild Goose Chase

We had recently booked dinner at Mint in Ranelagh, Dublin to celebrate Anna’s birthday. On the appointed day, we got dressed up in our finest and made our way to the restaurant, looking forward to another great meal from Dylan McGrath’s kitchen. However, when we got there, we found the place closed up, looking normal except closed. After the phone rang out a couple of times, we came to the conclusion that Mint had gone out of business. This is a shame as the food was excellent but the small size of the restaurant probably made it difficult to build up any kind of a cushion when times were good.

However, we were very disappointed that the restaurant had not bothered to phone its customers with reservations to let them know that it was no longer in business. This is only common courtesy and the least that could be expected. In our case, Mint is not too far from where we live, but you could imagine being somewhat riled if you’d driven a couple of hours to get there, or worse still, arranged an overnight stay in Dublin.

So in future, Dylan, show a little more respect for your customers!

In the event, we found a free table in the Wild Goose at the other end of Ranelagh village. This is a nice restaurant with a very good wine list, a lot of which is available by the glass. Although the Thursday, Friday and Saturday prices are still a little out of kilter with the current economic climate, there are very good 2 and 3 course options available on Wednesday and Sunday evenings. We had dry-aged rib eye and rack of lamb for mains and both were excellent, which along with a nice bottle of Zisola from Sicily ensured a good evening was had.

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